The Most Energetic Film

         My Fair Lady, directed in 1964 by George Cukor and based on George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 Pygmalion, took full advantage of creativity. The personality of the characters combined with the overall story line made the film fun and interesting to watch. The actors’ personalities, the attractiveness of the costumes, and the creativity presented in the sound effects and the film’s accompanying music, made it one of the best adaptations of the semester.

         The decision to use Audrey Hepburn as the main actress was probably one of the director’s most critical choices. She was able to speak with a perfect accent; plus she came across as a woman who really had nothing going for her. Then, by the end of the movie she had literally “transformed” into an entirely new woman. There probably are not many actresses who could essentially play two roles in a single movie, but she was able to pull it off smoothly.

         The variety of costumes used in My Fair Lady was another advantage this film had. There were two completely opposite classes of people shown in the film, and the costumes were single-handedly able to distinguish one from the other. Plus, the costumes gave the viewers insight about the lifestyle of the movie’s long line of characters. Toward the end of the film, Hepburn is shown in numerous, high-class outfits. Hepburn’s outfits were not only fun for the audience to look at, but they also showed just how far Hepburn had come since the start of the film. The costumes were a sign of transformation for Hepburn.

         The sound effects and the music used in the film were the movie’s biggest assets. The sound effects used at the beginning of the movie to portray Hepburn’s (Eliza) unsophisticated accent are essential for the film to be able to accurately depict the storyline. The musical aspect of the film, although it is not essential, helps to liven up the movie. However, the sound effects presented by the characters and the phonetics machines only strongly outweighed the musical aspect of the film.

         Overall, My Fair Lady was the most energetic film of the semester. But without the right cast of characters, the appropriate costumes and the interesting sound effects, the story would not have been depicted accurately.

Autumn Boaz

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