A Dog's House

      A Doll's House... yup, that pretty much sums up this 1973 movie, directed by Joseph Losey and based on Henrik Ibsen's 1879 play. We have several characters, all who act as if they are little dolls running around, playing out whatever parts the puppet master wishes them to play. Jane Fonda plays our leading lady and manages to portray the character rather well. But what concerns me more than anything is the simple fact that SHE LEFT HIM at the end of the movie.

     That is not fair at all. David Warner's Torvald did not even hit Jane Fonda's character as Anthony Hopkins' character did in the Claire Bloom version, directed by Patrick Garland. On that note: though Anthony Hopkins' Torvald struck the woman in Garland's version, she STILL has no right to leave. Look at what she (the character) did. Do not get me wrong... I totally disagree with violence towards women. He (Hopkins) should not have hit her.

     But look at what she did. She jeopardized her husband's business and source of financial income. She did a LOT of stuff wrong, so he had a definite right to be mad at her. She was completely in the wrong. She lied to her husband; she cheated several people; she was heartless and cruel; and after all that, she has the nerve to leave her husband? He forgave her and humbled himself before her by apologizing. She was then supposed to accept and forgive him back. But no! She tells him she is leaving.

     How about their children?!--she is a lousy mother and wife, and those should be her two most important obligations. I think what should have happened is she should have been taken to court and forced to give up all her possessions and be forced into paying child support. She is one of those deadbeat moms you see on Geraldo or Jerry Springer. She had no right to leave, and that is that.

     I feel for Torvald; I really do. He gave her everything, despite her treachery. Now he is a single parent and is alone in life. That is not fair. She screws him over in his business and then screws him over in his personal life. He is probably going to take up drinking heavily and consider suicide just because she is a spoiled, selfish, ungrateful, worthless little tattered doll. And she deserves to live in a dog's house... not a doll's house.

Jakob Bilinksi

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