Loose Change: A Disturbing Documentary

        Most people have never even heard of this film. The name of it is called 911 Loose Change. I was first introduced to this film by my fiancé. It was directed by a film student by the name of Dylan Avery. I am always out to find something against the Bush administration, and this did it for me. It was not a documentary by Michael Moore, in which everyone found things that were not true.

        In this documentary, Avery gives legitimate physics and mathematical equations about things that could not be possible. He shows that mathematically at the height the plane was at a certain time, there is no possible way that even the most experienced pilot in the world could have been able to get down and crash into the Pentagon at the angle that plane did. He also quotes statements made by experts on what happened. "[Flight 77] could not possibly have flown at those speeds with which they said it did without going into a high speed stall. The airplane won't go that fast when you start pulling those high G maneuvers. That plane would have fallen out of the sky…," Russ Wittenburg, commercial and Air Force Pilot who flew two of the planes use on 9/11, WingTV.

        Avery talks about Hani Honua, the "pilot" of this supposed flight that hit the Pentagon. He tells that he went to a flight school called "Freeway Airport." He had intentions of renting a small plane. He had to do test flies with another pilot from the airport before they could rent it to him. He does three test runs with a pilot in August and has a lot of trouble controlling the plane, according to the other pilot. To think, this was just a single engine Cessna. He had already had a pilot's license he got from a school in Arizona. However, according to Danielle O'Brien, ATC at Dulles International Airport, "The speed, the maneuverability, the way that he turned, we all thought…all of us experienced air-traffic controllers, that it was a military plane." According to the information from the owner of the airport Hani Honua came to, he had average or below average piloting skills.

        As far as the Pentagon "crash" is concerned Avery also discusses many things such as the fact that there was no evidence that a plain was even there. The government claims that the plane had burned up in the explosion. Avery explains that the type of metal that all Boeings' 747 are made of could not have possibly burned. Based on the type of fire, a fuel fire, the temperature was not even remotely close to hot enough to melt the metal the plane was made of. He also discusses the light poles that would have to be taken out for the plane to have hit the Pentagon at the angle it did. Mysteriously, they were still in the ground. Also a picture taken by Google Earth, a week before September 11, 2001 showed a marking on the ground where a week later the plane supposedly hit. Also, if a plane had hit the Pentagon, there was no trace of skid marks on the lawn in front of the Pentagon.

        At the beginning of the documentary, Avery makes small comments and attaches dates to them to lead up to this tragic discovery of evidence. Apparently NASA did a mock crash on an airport runway using a 747. They claimed they were testing fuel usage. He states that, on October 24, 2000, the Pentagon had conducted a test called "Mascow" that simulated a Boeing 747 crashing into a building. He also goes into detail about a military officer named Charles Berlengain, who had participated in this test. He soon retired to begin working for American Airlines. In 2001, his Boeing 747 allegedly crashed into the Pentagon.

        Avery also goes into detail giving testimony aired the day 9/11 all happened, and then all of a sudden we have never heard from these people again. People were saying things like that they thought they had seen a blue flash, almost like missile or bombs going off. There were also statements that the plane did not look like a commercial plain, because it had no windows.

        This documentary is possibly the best documentary I have ever seen, and it was done by a film student no less. Dylan Avery did an amazing job with this film, by researching all elements and connecting them all together. I have watched this film over and over again and just cannot believe my eyes. As far as the aspects of the filming of this documentary and the lack of actors, you really do not need them. The director and writer, uses many documents, as well as computer-simulated graphics to portray the airplanes dissent as well as the crash of the planes. He also shows the ways that the two towers of the World Trade Center were blown up by highlighting the charges shown in blue and how they blew so immediately before the collapse of the building.

        My fiancé had discovered this documentary much before I did and had been telling me about it for so long. He found it on Google videos and has shown it to everyone since. The music in the beginning of the film, known from Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2, gives a great introduction to the beginning of the film. The beginning of the documentary starts by giving background information on government activities leading up to the day of 9/11. This included the morning that there was a scheduled event to happen with all fighter jets in the area of Washington, D.C., and New York City, therefore leaving 14 fighter jets to protect America. After the credits begin rolling, he gives a dramatic entrance into to the film by showing the events of the morning the planes hit the two towers. He also overlays voices from the day the events happen explaining what they saw and how they could not believe their eyes.

        I by far give this film a 10 in my book. I think it is one of the most brilliant films I have ever seen, and I have every intention of showing this to everyone I know.;

Danielle Cain

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