When Dinosaurs Ruled

        Steven Spielberg is a legendary director and has created many legendary films. One of these is Jurassic Park (1993). Jurassic Park had the historical aspect that no other movie has been able to capture very well. Spielberg really captures dinosaurs on the screen. In this movie, scientists clone dinosaurs to populate a theme park that will be called Jurassic Park. The day that it has a test visit, they experience a major security breakdown; and the dinosaurs are free to roam about the park. This may not seem like a big problem, but the park had some visitors, and now they have turned from spectators to prey.

        Spielberg has used many cinematic techniques in creating his films. He has incorporated many visual and sound effects that make his movies seem real. The dinosaurs in this movie appear as though they are extremely real. The film makers had studied the movements, the sounds, and the characteristics of each type of dinosaur to make sure they had captured it just right. The cinematography that is used in this movie is magnificent since it incorporates the dinosaurs into the landscapes with complete verisimilitude.

        The visit to Jurassic Park starts out normal and absolutely hard to believe for Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), and quickly turns to a nightmare when he needs to use his expertise to help save his crew and the lives of everyone at the park. He is successful in saving a few, but he could not possible stop the dinosaurs from killing everyone. After being safely rescued from the island where Jurassic Park is located, Dr. Alan Grant still has dreams that the dinosaurs are running lose, and they are. The park could not contain them. This is why Spielberg created sequels.

        The use of visual effects is really what contributed to the success of this movie. Without the visual effects that made the dinosaurs so realistic, the story line would seem weak and pointless. With the effects we can sense the fear that each person in that park is feeling, and we truly feel as though we are visiting Jurassic Park.

Christie Clatterbuck

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