Digitally Remastered: A Doll’s House

         If I could choose one film to digitally remaster, I would choose Joseph Losey’s 1973 adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, which was written for the stage in 1879.

         The first thing I would change about this film is the setting. I hate the snowy setting. If the snow had just been shown for part of the film, I would have liked it much better. However, I think the setting makes the film drab and cold-feeling. It seems boring to me. I would show the vacation scene in Italy—perhaps a tropical location—to add some light and color.

         If I were remastering this film, I would also take out the entire first scene wherein the ladies talk and drink hot cocoa. To me, it is very confusing. The second film adaptation of A Doll’s House, directed by Patrick Garland and also filmed in 1973, does not have this scene, and I feel it is a better film and a more faithful adaptation.

        Finally, I would delete the tarantella practice scene. The actual performance is fine, but I feel the practice scene is very annoying. I understand why the scene is there—to show the tension between Torvald (David Warner) and Nora (Jane Fonda), but I could do without the annoying tambourine and piano.

           Perhaps I am being too harsh on this movie, but I feel that a lot of work could be done to make it better. If I digitally remastered this film, I feel it would be much more entertaining and much less annoying.

Amber Lyles

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