Modern Day Heights

         I have decided that I would like to recast the main characters in the movie Wuthering Heights for a modern day remake of William Wylers’s 1939 movie, based on Emily Brontë’s 1847 novel. I think that my version would appeal to the current audiences by bringing the story up to date.

         I would cast George Clooney as Heathcliff instead of Laurence Olivier. I feel that Clooney he would do a good job as appearing to be a romantic sort of handsome character that intrigues the viewer as I feel that this character should. When Clooney played Danny Ocean in Ocean’s 11, he did a great job portraying the part of someone that was determined to get what he wants. In Ocean’s 11 he wants his wife, Tess back. In Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff wants Cathy back.

         I would cast Nicole Kidman as Heathcliff’s great love, Cathy Linton, instead of Merle Oberon. Cathy comes across as an individual that is not very sure of what she wants in life, let alone in a man. Cathy creates most of the drama in the movies. I feel as if Nicole is very good at playing a dramatic role; for example she played a girl in love yet confused, who died much too young from tuberculosis in Moulin Rouge. I would dye her hair to be a dark brown, however, so that she would fit the character more in the book.

         I would cast Jessica Simpson as Isabella Linton, instead of Geraldine Fitzgerald. I think that as well as Cathy, Isabella is not really sure what she wants in a man. She comes across to me a quite a ditzy young woman who would chase after the first man that showed a slight interest in her. I think that because Jessica appears to be a naive person in real life, as well as in her show Newlyweds and her role as Daisy in Dukes of Hazards, that she would be able to play this role well.

         I would cast Ashton Kutcher as her brother, Edgar Linton, instead of David Niven because I see that character to be someone that is younger than Heathcliff. I think that he seems to be weaker, not as knowledgeable about the world because he appears to be more reserved and almost afraid of losing Cathy to Heathcliff. Edgar is someone that has money because of his family and did not have to do anything to earn it. I think that Ashton would depict Edgar well because he can play an awkward part well in that he appears to be clueless about who he really is.

         I would let Susan Sarandon play the role of Ellen Dean, instead of Flora Robson. Sarandon can play the part of an older woman well. Moreover, she can depict the role of someone that is deceptive and sneaky, which Ellen can be at times in order to get her own way at the expense of the other characters. Sarandon showcased her ability to play a role like this when she was cast as the mother in Stepmom because she did not like her ex-husband’s new girlfriend and was deceptive to her.

         This may seem to be an odd combination of wonderful stars, but I think that it would make for an interesting retelling of the book Wuthering Heights.

Susan Stinson

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