Curiosity Killed the Monkey

        The old saying goes: "History repeats itself." The statement is becoming truer in the world of the cinema. Many movies are being remade. Movies about things that are long gone are also being made. One of those so-called long-gone ideas is back. Earlier this year Matthew O'Callaghan directed an animated film that seemed to be well accepted by the younger generation. And for the college age students the film Curious George seemed to bring back the childhood memories of the bedtime story and learning to read.

        The film is based on the popular books written by Margret Rey and H.A. Rey, both credited as writers for the film. The film opens with George playing in the jungle of Africa. His actions are similar to the actions of a small child. It is a scene that made college students feel as if they were once again at the age of five. The audience will then find Ted (Will Ferrell) giving a tour of the museum where he works. When Ted finishes his tours, he is called into his boss's office. Ted finds out that the museum is closing because so few people have been coming to visit. Ted notices the picture of his boss on the wall in Africa trying to find a statue that he never found. Ted says he will go to Africa and bring back the statue in order to keep the museum open. Ted gets a new wardrobe and he is now known as the man in the big yellow hat.

        Ted travels to Africa, where he finds the statue; but it is very small. He also meets George, who follows him home and causes much trouble. However, George will lead the man in the big yellow hat back to Africa for the actual statue he needs and thus saves the day.

        Curious George is a heartwarming story. It is pleasing to two different generations: those that are just now hearing of him and those that grew up with him. This is definitely one of the best animated films in many years.

Adam Morton

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