My Fair Lady….Continued

         In the musical My Fair Lady, filmed in 1964 by George Cukon and based on George Bernard Shaw's 1913 Pygmalion, after the ball is over, what we last see is Eliza, played by Audrey Hepburn, returning to Higgins and then the play ends. Well, have you ever wondered what happened after that? I know I have. So, for all those wondering the same thing, I think I may have an insight into the way it might have gone.

         After returning to further help Higgins, depicted by Rex Harrison, Eliza realizes her potential for a high social status lifestyle. She begins speaking and acting like a true princess, with a sweet disposition, of course, in everyday life and especially when Higgins, Pickering, and she attend balls. She still talks to Freddy, played by Jeremy Brett, and they become very good friends. He helps her through every fit she has with Higgins.

         One evening, Higgins brings her to a ball thrown by the queen. While socializing, she meets the prince of Spain. They hit it off quite well and begin to see each other. She eventually becomes too wrapped up with things to realize what is going on within the Higgins' manor. Mrs. Pearce, played by Mona Washburn, and Higgins grow fonder of each other each passing day. The prince of Spain asks Eliza for her hand in marriage, which she accepts.

         Freddy, finding out about this, realizes his true love for her and decides that he needs to tell her before its too late. After a couple of days, he finally gains enough courage to tell her. This creates a dilemma for Eliza. She too still possesses these feelings for Freddy, but she has already accepted the prince's proposal and has strong feelings for him as well. Higgins insists that she marry the prince on the basis of financial stability. Mrs. Pearce tries to convince her to just follow her heart no matter how hard it may seem. She becomes very frustrated, not knowing what to do. The more and more she is with the prince, the more she thinks about Freddy, but she fully enjoys the royalty and everything that goes with being a princess.

         After a ball one night, she realizes that even with being a princess. and having everything she could ever imagine, she will not be truly happy unless she is with Freddy. Ironically enough, at this same time, Professor Higgins decides to announce his engagement to Mrs. Pearce.

Alicia Christ

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