Noraís Character in A Dollís House

†††††††† A Dollís House is perhaps one of my favorite films I have watched thus far in English 213. The 1973 film, A Dollís House, directed by Joseph Losey, has excellent characters, taken from Henrik Ibsenís 1879 play, including Nora, Dr. Rank, and Torvald. The star character Nora is played by Jane Fonda. I enjoyed this film thoroughly because the basic message was about a woman who loved her husband, wanted nice things and was independent enough to get what she wanted without help. I feel Noraís character is portrayed more strongly in the film directed by Joseph Losey than she is, as depicted by Claire Bloom, in the film directed by Patrick Garland.

†††††††† Nora is a character that I will always remember in A Dollís House. Her stubbornness and independence make her memorable in my mind because for this time period she took a huge chance in breaking rules to get what she wanted. Nora loved her husband, and the last thing she ever wanted in this film was to lose or disappoint her husband. I believe in so many cases in life we experience this example of Noraís character in our day-to-day lives. For example, small children may lie to their parents to impress them or do things behind their parentís back, only to better themselves with no harmful intentions (or perhaps to help someone else).

†††††††† Nora is not a bad character in A Dollís House. In fact, she is the star-leading character. Nora is the character that the audience relates to. Nora was faithful to her husband when Dr. Rank (Trevor Howard) made it clear that he wanted more than a friendship out of her. Nora was faithful and throughout the movie only wanted to make her husband (David Warner) happy and keep from him what she knew would hurt him.

†††††††† In conclusion, Nora is a magnificent character in the film, A Dollís House. There is so much to relate to her when watching the film and her character truly shows her love for her husband, independence to get what she wants, and stubbornness when trying not to hurt her husband. I would recommend this film the most out of all the films I have watched in class. This film is easy for students, wives, husbands, and even children to relate to. It portrays an everyday experience and lesson for everyone. It also gives history of that time period and how wives had rules that we do not have today.

Ashley Henderson

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