Helen and Robert Roulston's Cats

     My husband and I have been devoted cat lovers for years. Bastet, a charcoal tabby with white markings, born around Christmas, 1989, died on December 22, 2004. Not long after Taffy, an orange tabby, died at 19 1/2 in 2000, we adopted Cleopatra (Cleo), a black and white kitten, born on March 31, 2000, who died this fall of 2012.

We adopted three young cats, born June 14, 2012: Ra (brown tabby) named after the Egyptian sun god; Isis (gray tabby tuxedo and white) named after the Egyptian fertility goddess; and Aida (black fuzzy) named after the Ethiopian princess in Egypt in Verdi's Aida.

Cats and Music

     All our former cats, Toffy (a devotee of Beethoven), Perveau, and Mint, and Taffy (a lover of Brahms and his friends), have been avid music lovers. Bastet was especially fond of opera, especially Wagner. Cleo followed in the cat steps of her music-loving predecessors as have our current feline companions.

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