Transformation from a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

         When thinking about the movies and all of the preparation that it takes for an actor or actress to get to get into character, I wonder how it is all done. You know that there has to be a lot of preparation and studying involved in the process of getting into character. The end outcome of all of the studying and preparation is one great movie with great actors. When putting together a movie production, one must have great actors, actors who are well rounded, and a great director.

         First, let us look at the actors. In the 1973 film of Henrik Ibsen's 1879 A Doll's House directed by Joseph Losey, all of the actors and actress did a fantastic job. The actress who I felt did the best job in getting into character would have to be Jane Fonda, who was portraying Nora. In the movie Jane Fonda, Nora, plays a very loving mother to three children and a wife who would do anything to save her husband's life. The movie it self, was very moving and interesting to watch. I feel that Jane Fonda went well above and beyond the call of duty while portraying Nora. But in order for an actor and actress to be all that they can be, they have to be a well-rounded person.

         Second, let us look at what all an actor or actress has to do to be great. At first glance, we see a woman who, yes, lies to her husband on certain accusations, but is a very loving person. We also see a woman who loves to play with her children and please her husband. Jane Fonda had to be all women into one. In A Doll's House Jane Fonda had to portray the role of a mother and a wife; and of a beggar and borrower; these latter two without her husband finding out. Throughout this movie Jane Fonda had to be both weak and strong at the same time.

         Third, when comparing the two different films; the 1973 version directed by Joseph Losey and the 1973 version directed by Patrick Garland, I would much rather watch the 1973 version directed by Joseph Losey. I feel that Joseph Losey did a fabulous job when it comes to making women seeming to have a bad bone. The main difference between the two directors and films is Joseph Losey did not have Jane Fonda's husband, Torvald, played by David Warner, beat on her. In 1879 and even to some extent in 1973, it was unthinkable for a woman to do anything other than what her husband told of her. Back in 1973, a wife and a mother would have never thought to leave her husband and her children to go and live by herself. It happened and it made for one great movie.

         In conclusion, I feel that Joseph Losey did a great job at thinking outside of the bubble. Jane Fonda also did a great job at being a well rounded persona and actress. When looking at the production of movies, one must have great actors, actors who well-rounded, and great director. When you put all of these together, you get the 1973 version of A Doll's House by Joseph Losey. With all of these elements rolled into one, you get one great movie with an incredible story line.

Tasha Stewart

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