The Brilliance of Cinematography

        In the 1964 movie My Fair Lady, directed by George Cukor and based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion (1913), the characters are very exciting and interesting to watch. Eliza is my favorite because of Audrey Hepburn's musical talent and the costumes she wears. The setting of the film is also very artistic and is captured well thanks to Harry Stradling's cinematography.

        One of my favorite scenes that illustrates Hepburn's musical talent occurs when she sings, "Just You Wait, Henry Higgins." In this scene, she does a magnificent job with her singing and acting. I really enjoy her ability to act when she imagines Mr. Higgins (Rex Harrison) being gunned down. That one scene is comprised of talented acting and singing. It is also very funny in its portrayal of Higgins' death.

        As far as cinematography and costumes are concerned, the best scene happens when Eliza and Higgins are at the racetrack. The scene with all of the women in their elegant black and white costumes is very artistic. The movement of the women is slow and relaxed. The singing is also very moving. While watching the film, I got the impression that I was seeing it performed on a stage rather than a screen. The costumes are a major influence on this scene because of their overall look and color.

        The ball scene with Eliza and Higgins is very powerful in that the costumes are simple but beautiful; but, without talented acting and singing, the scene would be nothing more than nicely dressed duchesses.

        The film My Fair Lady is comprised of many elements that help bring out the cinematography of the film. The excellent acting and singing make the film more inviting and interesting. The costumes keep one's attention because of their brilliance and elegance. The scenes are very majestic in the way they are set up and filmed. Every scene in the film is impressive.

        Each scene is an artistic vista. The never-ending drama and love scenes between Eliza and Higgins are enough to keep anyone's attention. When the characters are not acting, they are singing, which helps to set up preceding or following scenes.

        In conclusion, this film is one that should be met with much acclaim. Because it is comprised of all the elements of drama and comedy, the film remains awe-inspiring and interesting.

Maria Ratliff

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