Brando Brands Streetcar

        The funny thing about Tennessee Williams' 1947 play A Streetcar Named Desire is that the script focuses on Blanch DuBois' delusional fall from grace. However, considering the many reviews of the 1951 film adaptation directed by Elia Kazan and considering what people tend to recall of the film, Marlon Brando, who plays Stanley, steals the show without a doubt.

         Take for example the most recognizable quotation of the film: "Stella! Hey Stella!" Even those who have never seen Streetcar are familiar with Brando's anguished outburst. Brando's portrayal of Stanley is wonderfully well done. His experience in playing the part on Broadway before landing the film role paid off, making his efforts, especially his outbursts, seemingly effortless.

         Perhaps if Kazan had found an equally strong counterpart, such as Jessica Tandy (who had starred as Blanche in the original production) to Brando for the role of Blanche instead of Vivien Leigh, Brando's performance might not continue to awe the movie world as it does, though I seriously doubt it.

         All things considered, Brando as Stanley most emphatically put his brand on the movie version of A Streetcar Named Desire.

John Couris

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