Leave Heathcliff with the Beatles

     How many times do parents need to console their children not to pick up stray gypsy boys off the streets? In Wuthering Heights, directed in 1939 by William Wyler, and based on Emily Brontė's 1847 novel, Mr. Earnshaw, played by Cecil Kellaway, did not listen to his parents and brought, Heathcliff, played by as a boy by Rex Downing and later as a man by Laurence Olivier, home to live with his family. He should have realized the boy was trouble when he tried to steal Mr. Earnshaw's horse.

     Liverpool is a poverty-stricken part of England that has never managed to rise above its industrial atmosphere. This is the city in which the world was introduced to the British invasion of the Beatles, and Heathcliff. The Beatles managed to rise above their roots and become loved all over the entire world. Heathcliff managed to destroy Wuthering Heights, the Grange, and all who lived there at the same time.

     The world would have been a better place if someone had stuck Heathcliff in a time machine and sent him to the year 1962, when the Beatles first assembled, and become the fifth Beatle. During the filming of Wuthering Heights, Olivier hurt his leg and limped around the entire movie. That leg thumping around on the floor made a unique sound that could easily have been incorporated in all the Beatles' songs.

     If Heathcliff had become the fifth Beatle, he would have gotten the same fame and fortune he had earned in America. He would have earned this money honestly, at least as honestly as one can earn money in the music business. Also, his unique walk could have become the latest dance craze. Look how popular the mashed potato, the twist and the pony were in the fifties. Heathcliff would not hve had to worry about Cathy, played by Merle Oberon, either. He would have had plenty of unselfish girls throwing their underwear at him on a daily basis.

     The Beatles' message of free love and peace would have done a lot to calm the inner rage that brewed in Heathcliff's mind. "All You Need is Love," and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," would be a therapy of sorts that would have curbed his destructive tendencies. He would most likely have become a full-fledged hippy, complete with the tie-dyed t-shirt and the long, flowing hair.

     Now all people need to do is grab Heathcliff and throw him into the nearest time machine. His life would have had a better ending if only he had spent it with the Beatles.

Krista Matheny

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