Back in the Day

         I can remember when I was growing up as a kid, my grandparents would baby sit me for my mom, and every time they baby sat me, we would always watch old black and white western movies. High Noon, directed by Fred Zinneman, reminded me of some of the movies that my granddad loved to watch. At first I never thought I would like these movies because at the age I always wanted to watch cartoons or other shows or movies that little kids watch. Little did I know the more western movies I watched, the more I liked them; and, before I knew it, I was playing pretend cowboys and Indians or some sort of cowboy games with my cousins.

         I thought this movie was good not only because I like old westerns, but also I thought that the actors and actresses, especially Gary Cooper as Marshal Will Kane and Grace Kelly as Amy, had done an excellent job at playing their parts. All through the movie I could feel the emotion that was being acted out and it felt so real. Every scene brought something new and the actors always had what each particular scene needed. Some times the actors would need to be scared or mad; and, although each actor or actress brought something different, it all fit in together to make a great scene.

         I also liked it simply because the “good guys” won. I thought it was shady of all those people to turn their backs on their good friend and Marshall, but I thought it was great how at the end he did not need anyone’s help. I thought it was cool how he showed everyone how good of a shot he was and how good of a person he was to stand up for what is right. In my opinion, there are not enough people in the world like him.

Ashley Yates

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