A Voice within the Holocaust

         I have watched many movies in my twenty years, but I had never been so impacted until I saw the movie Schindlers List. This movie basically recounts one of the most catastrophic times in all of History. The movie is about four hours long. Many would think that long of length would be hard to sit through, but the time went by extremely quick.

         A movie like Schindlers List does not hide how horrible the Holocaust actually was. The brutality was shown very well and accurately in the movie. At the beginning houses are raided, families are separated, and people are shot instantly. During this time it seemed to be no one was safe. If one was not a blonde haired, blue-eyed German one was not safe. Most Jewish families were separated forever.

         It is comforting to know although there was so much bad going on in the world at this time, people tried to work together and risk their lives fighting. The reason why I believe this movie is so important to history of the cinema is because of its impact. When people watch a mass extermination, hearts sink. It is vital for our society to realize how wrong and cruel it is to judge someone by the religion and/or looks. The Holocaust or anything close to it cannot be repeated in history. Our society needs to be educated on the rights and wrongs of how to treat people. This movie educated and shows how brutal humans were. When did our society decide a certain race or religion was better then all the rest? When a movie can possible prevent a traumatic situation, then it has to have had an enormous impact of the history of the cinema.

         Schindlers List is the ideal movie; it has action, mystery, and drama. I believe everyone around the world should watch this movie. It is not only incredibly sad and moving, but shows bravery from all.

Jaclyn Ramage

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