Tombstone: A Successful Western

        One of my favorite films of all times is Tombstone. The film was directed by George P. Cosmatos. This 1993 film is a Western action film. I love the style of Western movies. They are based on the "good guys" versus "the bad guys." In this film the main character, Wyatt Earp, played by Kurt Russell, is a successful lawman that plans to secretly retire in Tombstone, Arizona. His plans are quickly ruined by outlaws of the town that he is known for eliminating.

        The film starts with Wyatt moving to Tombstone with his two brothers, Virgil, played by Sam Elliot and Morgan, played by Bill Paxton, and the wives of them all. When they get to Tombstone, they meet up with their good friend Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer), and they establish themselves by acquiring a share in a thriving local saloon. There are a group of bandits called "the Cowboys" that also inhabit the town. Right off the bat, the bandits take a disliking to Wyatt and his family for their moral attitudes and lawman's reputation.

        After several events of unlawful acts by the bandits, Wyatt and his brothers have no other choice but to become the head of the law around Tombstone. This film contains many fight and gun scenes that portray old Western stories of the cowboys and town law enforcement that took place in the Western genre.

        This film shows companionship, romance, and gunplay. The music in the film goes along with the Western drama. The music by Bruce Broughton speeds up and slows down when there are gun fights and romance scenes, respectively. The costumes of this film by Joseph A. Porro are also amazing. I have always been a fan of the dresses that fit tight around the bosom area and then flare out at the bottom. The costumes were highly stylized and made the film more believable that it was set in western times. Overall, this film is excellent and is a good film for a Western genre.

Samantha Bottoms

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