Angels Among Us

         A cold chill comes across your spine, you feel that you are not alone; you snap a photo only to find a light/dark figure in the background; all these are instances I have read of on the web regarding ghost sightings. Personally, I have never believed in ghosts or anything to do with them, but then again, I have never had experience with one.

         The movie The Innocents, filmed in 1961, really changed my mind and sparked my interest about the subject. The children actors, Martin Stephens (Miles) and Pamela Franklin (Flora) played the part of possessed children very well. Their mannerisms, facial expressions, and strange games they played on Miss Giddens made me believe they were possessed by the two lovers, Miss Jessel (Clytie Jessop) and Peter Quint (Peter Wyngarde) both whom used to live in the home. Miss Giddens (Deborah Kerr), the children's caretaker, believed there were ghost in the house because she saw the shadows at the lake, in the windows and around the children. After much research, she came to a conclusion that the children saw them too, and it eventually led them all to go crazy. This was a very spooky film and got me searching online for ghost stories.

         After researching ghost online, I found some true pictures and false pictures of ghosts. I also found some tips for handling ghost sightings and some helpful advice on how to handle coming in contact with a ghost. First, people often think ghost only come out on Halloween or Friday the thirteenth; actually, ghost do not know the difference between Halloween and March 2. All dates are the same for them. Ghost hang out in a particular area because they had lived there at one time, had been romantically involved with someone that lived their or have some sort of connection with the place or unfinished business. Most of the time ghosts are there to keep you safe ("Angels" and "Story"). In The Innocents, Peter Quint and Miss Jessel were probably there to watch over the children and make sure they were safe-not to harm them as Miss Giddens may have believed. My best friend said at night when she went to sleep she would get a cold chill across her body; she went to a psychic; and she said it was her grandpa just making sure she was safe. This story my best friend told me is similar to other stories online.

         Ghosts are generally nice and harmless; so, if you come in contact with one, do not be alarmed.

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Brandy Couleas

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