A Great Marx Brothers Comedy

         The comedy Duck Soup was directed by Leo McCarey in 1933. It is a creatively funny masterpiece that will go down in history as one of the best films every done by the Marx brothers. Their witty charm, along with their sense of humor, makes the movie a classic film that has inspired film makers and comedians, and it will undoubtedly have an impact in future films. The Marx brothers have a signature way of performing that would be hard to master. Although, their way of performing is hard to master, it gives others the drive to be as funny and creative in ways similar to those of the Marx brothers.

         The plot of the movie went perfectly with the comedy of the film. Each actor had a specific way of acting in the film. The character Firefly (Groucho Marx) kept my attention the most, out of all the Marx brothers. His unique style of acting was perfect for his role as president of Freedonia. He possessed all of the qualities that a normal president would not, making the film interesting. For example, he was funny as well as entertaining. He did not follow our typical idea of how a president should act. As president he was outspoken with words and would say what was on his mind no matter the consequences.

         My favorite scene from the whole movie occurs when Chico and Harpo were dressed like Firefly and imitating each other, doing his gestures on both sides of what had been a mirror, which had broken on screen so that the viewers would know this in advance. That scene showed the talent of the Marx Brothers because of the way they moved through out that scene.

         In the movie the actors had moves that I found similar to Three Stooges. Even though I was reminded of the Three Stooges, they are not exactly like the Marx Brothers. However, the noticeable similarities are that the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges were able to be physically funny and not have any lines to go with the scene.

         In conclusion, Duck Soup was a great film that will go down in history as one of the best Marx Brothers films ever made. Although no one has or will ever be able to match the Marx Brothers’ humor, the film will still inspire present and future film makers, as it has done so in the past. However, the creative edge that was presented in the movie is the basis of all interest in the comedy genre.

Maria Ratliff

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